Kerry King’s Wife Says There Is “Not A Chance In Hell” That Slayer Will Ever Reunite

Slayer played their final show on November 30 and many fans have wondered if the band will stay gone or end up reuniting like all of the other bands that have returned after heading out on farewell tours. Now, while responding to fans on Twitter, Kerry King’s wife Ayesha King said there is “not a chance in hell” that the group will ever reunite. After it was mentioned that Slash was wrong about Guns N’ Roses and that Mick Mars was wrong about Mötley Crüe, she said “Kerry King is not Mick Mars or Slash” and that she “might just have slightly more info” than everyone else. She also added the following when someone said that they don’t believe the recent show will be Slayer’s last: “you can bet on it.” Screenshots of those responses and more can be seen below:

[via Blabbermouth]

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