Eyehategod Drummer Aaron Hill Knifed & Robbed While On Tour In Mexico

According to Informador.mx, Eyehategod’s Aaron Hill was robbed while the band were in Guadalajara, Mexico last night (July 7). The drummer was also reportedly stabbed with a knife, resulting in a 5cm wound. However, he is said to be doing okay.

The group’s Guadalajara show was understandably cancelled with promoter Show No Mercy issuing the following statement (translated from Spanish):

“Today while Aaron Hill walked to the venue he suffered a robbery. They have a driver at their disposal; but they were touring the city all afternoon so he preferred to walk to the venue, for his hotel is very close; when 4 people, 2 Blocks, intercepted and took away their belongings While one of them threatened him and made him a 5 cm wound on the left side. He is well, however it was not possible to continue with the show.

It should be mentioned that neither forum independence, nor nms, nor Aaron are responsible for this event; for it is not possible that you can not walk safe on the street willing to enjoy your Sunday.

We appreciate the support of red cross and police Guadalajara for the attentions.

Enrique Alfaro we hope that this crime will not go unpunished and we can enjoy our city with tranquility.

During the week we will let you know the refund process.”

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