The Apocalypse Blues Revue (Godsmack) To Continue As The Apocalypse Blues Revival

The Apocalypse Blues Revue, the blues band featuring Godsmack’s Shannon Larkin and Tony Rombola, previously announced that they were calling it quits due to scheduling conflicts, but now it seems that isn’t the case. During an interview with The Sound Lab, Larkin revealed that the group have recruited a new singer and that they will be continuing on as The Apocalypse Blues Revival. A new song is expected to be released within the next week.

Larkin said the following:

“We lost our singer [Ray “Rafer John” Cerbone] recently, so we got a new singer. Our old singer was an old guy; our new singer is a younger guy, around our age… Our [old] singer turned 70… We get in a van. We don’t have these fancy tour buses. And we play clubs — blues clubs — in America, smoke-filled blues bars, with no roadies — one roadie. And our singer, a 70-year-old guy, couldn’t do it. So we got a new singer. And now the REVUE wouldn’t be the REVUE without our old singer, so we changed the name to REVIVAL. So it’s THE APOCALYPSE BLUES REVIVAL — coming soon.”

The band also issued a statement on Facebook:

“It’s coming soon people. The Apocalypse Blues Revival has begun. Stay tuned for announcement of new singer as well as a new song (which will be free;) and new photo☀️ We should be ready to put it up by next weekend😎”

[via Blabbermouth]

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