The Apocalypse Blues Revue (Godsmack) Call It Quits

The Apocalypse Blues Revue, the blues band featuring Godsmack’s Shannon Larkin and Tony Rombola, along with Ray Cerbone and Brian Carpenter, have called it quits. The group were unable to continue due to scheduling conflicts.

Cerbone commented:

“Endings…Beginings…and Continuations

Hey ABR fans, Rafer here….some things I have to relate to ya all. Sit down and relax cause its just some shades of blues that we all just have to accept. Six years ago Shannon and Tony had a dream and that dream manifested itself into The Apocalypse Blues Revue with me and Brian fully on board. It was apparent that together we had something very special. We also knew going in that it wasn’t going to be easy to deal with schedules and timelines but we all poured ourselves into this project heart and soul. Songs were written…shows were performed….a record company jumped on board and a first record was born that went to number 2 on the blues charts and received rave reviews!! We toured and did shows in between Shannon and Tony’s tours with Godsmack. During those tours we all still wrote and rehearsed staying at the ready for any shows that came up. All of you fans were amazing in how you supported and encouraged us in this project, especially during those “quiet” times.

Time passed and soon we recorded our second record. It became clear that the whole scheduling conflict was going to be hard to work around. Sometimes the stars and planets align and sometimes they don’t. Unfortunately ABR had to be put on hold while bigger things in the music universe were taking place.

Maybe too much time passed….maybe the future hold time was going to be too great…maybe it is just the timeline. Unfortunately we’ve come to a place where, for ABR at least, “the music’s over”. For band members it goes on…Shannon and Tony are currently fully immersed in Godsmack with ideas for a new project with Brian in the not too distant future. As for me…I’m working on my first solo record of my fingerstyle, acoustic, singer/songwriter music set for release in early April. It ain’t the blues but it has always been my first love. If you want to check it out on Facebook the page is Ray Cerbone Americana And More.

So from Shannon, Tony, Rafer, and Brian, Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We know we left a mark out there for sure. There could be some ABR shows off in the future…who knows? We also still have some vinyl and cd’s kickin’ around. Send me a PM and I’ll see what I can do. Farewell….The music lives forever in our hearts, Rafer

PS – As soon as I have cd’s and vinyl in hand I will post it. Thank You – Rafer”

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