Scars On Broadway Premiere “Guns Are Loaded” Music Video

Daron Malakian (System Of A Down) and Scars On Broadway have premiered a new video for their song “Guns Are Loaded.” This track is from the band’s latest album “Dictator.”

Malakian told Rolling Stone the following about the song:

“‘Guns Are Loaded‘ isn’t necessarily about specific things, but more about a feeling or emotion. The song is about a feeling of anger, a feeling of a breaking point, or times when the world is coming down on you.”

He also added the following about the video:

“The skulls and devils are symbols for parts of us within. When you’re to the point when life is coming down around you, sometimes a darker side, a darker feeling or darker thoughts come out of us. When we are afraid, frustrated or angry, that side may show itself. The guns also symbolize something too: The song isn’t necessarily about actual guns, but they represent the desperation of a moment.”

In other news, Malakian has also been working on a new Scars On Broadway album and currently has a West Coast tour booked.


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