Nita Strauss Records Guest Solo For Over It All (Lamb Of God, Animals As Leaders, Etc.)

Over It All, the band featuring Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God), Javier Reyes (Animals As Leaders), Lorenzo Antonucci (ex-Sworn Enemy), 33 & West booking agency co-founder JJ Cassiere, and Mediaskare Records’ Baron Bodnar, have recruited Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, etc.) to record a guest solo for their debut release. The group shared the below post regarding that:

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@overitallofficial got together yesterday to start listening to the basic tracks of what we have recorded so far– we realized we needed a few ripping guest guitar solos in some spots. Between all the guys in the band, we know a lot of shredders, some really legendary dudes. But we are SICK of “dudes”- we have MORE than enough “dudes” already. Dudes are hairy and ugly. Dudes act like uncivilized idiots most of the time. And dudes fucking STINK, always farting & stinking up the RV (ummm…. @drandallblythe, you need to take some Gas-X™️ or stop eating tacos, you nasty motherfucker.) WE DON’T WANT TO HANG OUT WITH ANYMORE DUDES. WE HAVE PLENTY OF DUDES AS IT IS. NO MORE FUCKING DUDES, PLEASE. The perfect answer to our dilemma? @hurricanenita! So thanks so much Nita for bringing down your signature @officialibanezguitars JIVA axe & absolutely DESTROYING IT- it was a pleasure to watch the best female guitarist in the world make our record a lot better. Also for modeling our VERY FIRST #OVERITALL T-shirt design- it sure looks a lot better on you than it does on some smelly-ass hairy DUDE. More merch designs coming soon, available to the public once we get our shit together! Thanks once again to @sumerianrecords for footing the bill & getting Nita down to shred for us! #overitall #animalsasleaders #swornenemy #lambofgod #alicecooper #nitastrauss #sumerianrecords #getyourshittogetherkevin

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