Hecate Enthroned Premiere Lyric Video For “Erebus And Terror” Feat. Sarah Jezebel Deva (Ex-Cradle Of Filth, Etc.)

Hecate Enthroned have premiered a lyric video for their song “Erebus And Terror.” This track features Sarah Jezebel Deva (ex-Cradle Of Filth, etc.) and it appears on the band’s latest album “Embrace Of The Godless Aeon.”

Bassist Dylan Hughes commented:

“On an album full of epic tracks, ‘Erebus and Terror’ still stands out as a monster. Massive and powerful, it creeps between eerie dark chills and huge powerhouse sections that utilize the full armory of soaring orchestras and crushing guitars to deliver a skillfully-crafted song. With the incredible vocal talents of Sarah Jezebel Deva, this track is lifted to another level of emotion and feeling, as she delivered a performance that matches the intensity of the music. To have Sarah with us gives our music and writing another dimension – a real organic element that can lift or carry a song through the emotion ranges.”

Vocalist Joe Stamps added:

“’Erebus and Terrror’ is about the ill-fated Franklin Expedition, in which the sailors who were stranded in the Northwest Passage were reported to have begun to cannibalize one another. The lyrics describe a loss of humanity through sickness and desperation and even compares these to lycanthropy – men becoming beasts.”


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