Amon Amarth Finish Work On New Album

Amon Amarth have confirmed that they have finished work on their new album. The band recorded the effort at Sphere Studios in Los Angeles, CA with producer Jay Ruston and a spring release is expected.

Johan Hegg told Revolver the following about the album:

“With the last record, ‘Jomsviking‘, I wrote a complete fucking movie script and we turned it into an album. This time around, I didn’t have any of those ideas but we also didn’t want to do a concept thing, either.

‘Jomsviking‘ turned out so well, so if you then start working on another concept album and try to top that, it would almost be impossible — unless you have a really great story lined up that you can do that with.

But I didn’t, so it didn’t make sense. I was a bit lazy on this one — I waited for the music to be done so I could see where it would take me.”

You can read more HERE.


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