Grimm Trigger Singer Accuses Mushroomhead’s Rick Thomas Of Headbutting His Wife

During Mushroomhead and Grimm Trigger’s November 21 show at the Music Lynxx in Mentor On The Lake, OH the two bands got into a fight. According to Grimm Trigger’s Sonny Von Cleveland, Mushroomhead’s Rick “ST1TCH” Thomas even head-butted his wife during the altercation.

Sonny says the situation started after Mushroomhead were complaining about the local opening bands taking extra time with their stage schedule. He went on to say the time constraints were essentially unrealistic due to how much gear Mushroomhead had onstage. He also added that ST1TCH was making rude comments about the other bands before the show, which led him to make comments about local bands paying for headliners while onstage. Grim Trigger ultimately got the plug pulled on them before ST1TCH came over to yell at the group to get their gear removed. That’s when things got a little crazy. Sonny said the following [transcribed by The PRP]:

“…I look over, there’s a scuffle going on. I see my baby Jen and I seen ST1TCH headbutt my fucking wife. Really? Really? You’re a grown ass man, she’s five foot, and you’re gonna headbutt her?

There ain’t even nothing to talk about after that. So I went for one dude, I went for ST1TCH, ripped him up by his motherfucking face, and let’s say I removed him from the club.

And then all your little fucking Spice Girls, they want to jump in. And everyone of ya’ll got the flux, ya’ll got to meet me huh?”

He also said he doesn’t like the fact that the situation is going public and that he has to comment on it publicly. He also seemingly gave ST1TCH some threats before saying:

“It’s time for Mushroomhead to step the fuck to the side. You guys have done your thing, you’ve worn out your welcome. You’ve shit on people. Call it bold, call it brash, call it whatever the fuck you want. Grimm Trigger is coming for the throne of Cleveland.”

He also mentioned ST1TCH called the police, but it seems no charges were pressed.


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