Witherfall Premiere “Vintage” Lyric Video

Witherfall have premiered a lyric video for their song “Vintage.” This track is from the band’s latest album “A Prelude To Sorrow.”

The group commented:

“’Vintage’ is the most personal song Witherfall has ever written. The backstory for ‘Vintage’ occurred in November of 2015 while Joseph Michael, Jake Dreyer and Anthony Crawford were waiting for Adam Sagan to arrive in Los Angeles for the first photoshoot for Nocturnes And Requiems. Joseph was on his way to pick up Adam from LAX when we received a call from Sagan on his way to the airport, he was having severe stomach pains and would need to head to the emergency room instead. At first he thought he was having appendicitis, it turned out he had Lymphoma. He was scheduled for Chemo immediately and could not come to Los Angeles. This was the reason there is not one full band photo of Witherfall with Adam.

To drown away their sorrows, Jake and Joseph headed over to a local Hollywood Wine Bar named Vintage. The bar having served its purpose is no longer there. There are three movements to this composition the last movement features our respective goodbyes to a fallen friend. Even if you did not know Adam Sagan this song should relate to anyone that has experienced the death of a loved one. Travel on my friend.”


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