Scientists Name Newly Discovered Brittle Star Species After Between The Buried And Me

A newly discovered species of brittle star has been named after Between The Buried And Me. It was discovered in South Carolina by paleontologists Drs. John Jagt, Lea Numberger-Thuy, and Ben Thuy from the Natural History Museum in Luxembourg and they decided to call it ‘Amphilimna intersepultosetme,’ which literally means ‘Between The Buried And Me‘ in Latin. The specimen is believed to have lived about 67 million years ago. This news comes after Thuy previously named a species after Arch Enemy. Between The Buried And Me’s Dan Briggs commented:

“We are honored to have been thought of alongside this little magical creature who swam in the waters of the Carolinas many years before us and we’ll be linked together for many years to come.”


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