Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Tipped $333 On A $333 Bar Bill So He Could Spend $666

After the Foo Fighters played a surprise set as The Holy Shits in Los Angeles back in August, they went over to the famous Rainbow Bar & Grill for drinks. Dave Grohl ended up with a $333.30 bill and decided to jump on the opportunity to pay $666 by giving out a $333 tip. The frontman admitted he was too drunk to do the actual math, so he technically paid $666.30, but it’s still pretty funny nonetheless. Grohl told 955KLOS the following:

“When you get a bill that says $333, it’s like, I’m gonna go the extra mile. The sad thing was – I think it was $303.30, but I was too hammered to figure out the $302.70… I couldn’t do the real math. Which would have been strong but I was seeing double at that point.”

[via Loudwire]


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