Megadeth’s David Ellefson To Be Honored With “David Ellefson Day” In Jackson, MN

Megadeth’s David Ellefson will be honored with his own “David Ellefson Day” in his hometown of Jackson, MN on October 9. A ceremony will be held for the bassist at his old high school, Jackson High School, and the city’s mayor Wayne Walter is expected to attend.

Ellefson himself will also be hosting one of his special “Basstory” shows for the students, fans, and media at the event. Furthermore, he has also announced the formation of the David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation, which will seek to provide instruments to underprivileged youth and schools with underfunded music programs. Instruments will be donated to Jackson High School during the ceremony. Ellefson said the following about that:

“I grew up in Jackson, and the music program at the High School was so instrumental to the fundamentals of my music education, and, really, served as a huge part of the foundation that I would build my career on. So it is a tremendous honor to not only be able to be honored by my hometown in such an incredible fashion, but to be able to give back, and hopefully help inspire the dreams of the next generation of musicians.”


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