Australian Government Celebrates AC/DC’s 45th Anniversary With New Coin Collection

The Australian government are celebrating AC/DC’s 45th anniversary with 30,000 commemorative 50 cent pieces, 10 of which have been “Thunderstuck” with 3,500,000 volts of electricity. The Royal Australian Mint joined forces with The Questacon National Science and Technology Centre to shock the special coins with a Tesla coil and 10 fans that order the “AC/DC 45 Years of Thunder” uncirculated coins HERE will be selected at random to receive them. Aside from the aforementioned coins, there will also be a nickel-plated, guitar pick shaped $5 coin. Each order will also come with a real guitar pick and an amp-shaped box. Royal Australian Mint chief executive officer Ross MacDiarmid commented:

“AC/DC is famous for their electrifying energy. It’s in their music, the titles of some of their songs, even their insignia. We weren’t sure what effect the lightning would have on the coins, but we discovered that because the coins are such excellent conductors of electricity, the lightning’s mark is only visible under magnification. Striking these 10 coins with lightning adds a uniquely AC/DC element to this release. To help the 10 lucky customers identify their Thunderstruck coins, we have added unique frosting to the coin’s AC/DC logo.”


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