Papa Roach Are Almost Done With Their New Album

It looks like Papa Roach are almost done with their new album. During a recent interview with Rock Sound, Jacoby Shaddix said the band are going to record one more song and that the effort should be out “later this year or early next year.”

Shaddix said the following about the effort:

“We did work with the same producers [Nicholas ‘RAS’ Furlong and Colin Brittain] that did ‘Crooked Teeth’. So this is like the follow-up and it feels great. We played a bunch of tracks for our friends in BEARTOOTH and some other folks last night, and everybody was feeling it. So it’s exciting to play new music for people and they’re, like, vibing it. So it felt good. Unless they’re totally bullshitting us. And if that’s the case, they are great bullshitters.”

He also added:

“We have a rhythm going with [Furlong and Brittain]. We were supposed to go on tour with OF MICE & MEN at the beginning of the ‘Crooked Teeth’ record cycle, and Austin [Carlile, then-OF MICE & MEN singer] had gotten really sick. And so the tour was canceled. So we were, like, ‘All right. Well, if we’re not gonna be out on the road, let’s go create.’ So we went in and we created five or six songs then. And then we went back in June and July and took another stab at it, and we have 12 songs that are… There’s bangers in there. We’re gonna go back and do one more track and see if we can beat one of the songs. And we’ll have a full-length record ready to go. And so either later this year or early next year for a release.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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