Moonspell Share “Extinct” Live Video From “Lisboa Under The Spell”

Moonspell have shared a new live video for “Extinct.” The footage comes from the band’s new live DVD/Blu-ray/3CD set “Lisboa Under The Spell,” which was released in August. The effort was recorded at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon, Portugal on February 4, 2017.

Fernando Ribeiro commented:

“Now that the DVD is out, I guess a lot of our fans already made up their minds about it and I guess rather were as surprised about its final epic form as we were surprised by the, no-bullshit, honest and very solid reactions to our new live release, praise, great reviews, chart entries at all. As far as I am concerned live releases don’t make the cut sometimes. That’s why the Lisboa Under The Spell you might or might not have already in your hands was so carefully thought out and packaged, reminding us of the very few live releases that make us sit in the couch and watch or listen the hell out of. Records like Life After Death (Maiden), Earth Inferno (Fields Of The Nephilim) and a few others. Those, with all due respect, were the ones who inspired us to do better. The addition of the album Extinct makes perfect sense to us, as this is the musical thread we are going to follow with the next opus and also because that was the last date of our very dear Road To Extinction tour that started off in 2015 and ended in our hometown, Lisbon on February 2017 e.v. We hope you enjoy this new clip from the title song ‘Extinct’, featuring the lovely and dangerous Portuguese actress Carolina Torres, brandishing the sword and watching her pack rocking out.”


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