Jerry Horton Says Papa Roach Are “About 85 Percent Finished” With Their New Album

During a chat with Morgan Richards Interviews, Jerry Horton revealed that Papa Roach are “about 85 percent finished” making their new album and that it will arrive “either at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.” He also added the following about the effort:

“We’re at the point, I think, in our career where we want to… we’re really trying to explore more dynamics now and not just be a wall of guitars all the time. So you can do that, but if it’s loud all the time, then you don’t know when it’s supposed to be loud and when it’s supposed not to be loud. So we’re trying to balance and trying to get some more impact, and I think we started that off really well with [the ‘Crooked Teeth’ song] ‘Help’ — and ‘Born For Greatness’ was another one. We’re trying to imagine how it’s gonna go [over] live, when we write the song. So that’s kind of how ‘Born For Greatness’ happened, where we were just, like, ‘We want something that people can bounce to.’ So we’re continuing that on the next one. And it’s been really good.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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