Judas Priest’s Ian Hill: “We’re Not Planning On ‘Firepower’ Being The Last Album”

Judas Priest’s Ian Hill was recently interviewed by Musik Universe and was asked if “Firepower” will be the band’s final album if Glenn Tipton’s battle with Parkinson’s disease doesn’t improve. He responded with the following:

“We’re not planning on that. There’s no reason why there shouldn’t be anything. Glenn can play for short periods of time — even on a bad day, he can do that. It’s just that he can’t handle a full set at the moment. That may change — there may be procedures coming along that will help him along — but there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be able to write new songs. And he’s capable of playing for short periods of time on the album as well. So we’re not planning on ‘Firepower’ being the last album.”

He also added: “I think the ‘Firepower’ tour is now booked through until next summer. So we’ll take some time off and stand back and then see where we’re gonna go from there — whether we’re gonna carry on with ‘Firepower’ or whether we’re gonna do something else.”


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