Moonspell Share “Herr Spiegelmann” Live Video From “Lisboa Under The Spell”

Moonspell have shared a new live video for “Herr Spiegelmann.” The footage comes from the band’s new live DVD/Blu-ray/3CD set “Lisboa Under The Spell,” which will be released on August 17. The effort was recorded at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon, Portugal on February 4, 2017.

Fernando Ribeiro commented:

“‘Herr Spiegelmann’, or Mr. Mirrorman, is a song inspired by the amazing book of Patrick Suskind, ‘The Perfume’. I guess everybody knows that book; if not, shame on you.

I wrote the lyrics to the ‘execution scene,’ where people start seeing on the tortured, beaten down man on the stake, everything wonderful they want to see. Like a mirror man, reflecting their fears and ambitions and most secret wishes.

I really love this song and the visual part of it was specially designed for this show, with the laser gloves and the mirror jacket, in a tentative to convey the eerie and psychedelic atmosphere of the song.

I hope you guys enjoy this advance from ‘Lisboa Under The Spell’, as it does reflect the struggle for an original and emotional cut of the songs, just like a Moonspell show should be, add magic.”


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