Interview: Lucifer’s Johanna Sadonis Talks “Lucifer II”

Lucifer released their second album “Lucifer II” earlier this month and I was given the opportunity to interview frontwoman Johanna Sadonis about the effort. You can check out that chat below.

METAL ANARCHY: First of all, what would you like to tell readers of this site about your new album?

SADONIS: We are extremely excited about our new album ‘Lucifer II’. Lucifer as a band finally fell into place. It’s my personal milestone and the best recording I have been part of to date and I hope you can dig it too.

METAL ANARCHY: You have already released videos for two songs off the effort, “Dreamer” and “California Son,” What would you like to say about those clips?

SADONIS: We tried to pick two songs of the opposite ends of the album spectrum. The video to ’California Son’ comes with a smirk and a notion to not take oneself too serious. It was meant to be a homage to the great old green screen appearances of heavy rock bands in the 70s and I packed a lot of favorites in there: California, cemeteries, goats and rock ‘n’ roll, you know! ‘Dreamer’ is shot in Lucifer tradition on a cemetery too of course. We shot it at night on a Swedish cemetery with the whole gang. Here the sun doesn’t go down in summer. ‘Dreamer’ is a song about cherishing one’s innocence and to never become cynical or bitter, no matter what dark valleys life can walk you through at times.

METAL ANARCHY: How have fans been reacting to the new tracks?

SADONIS: The reactions have been overwhelmingly good. Of course the sound of the band is in evolution on this new record and we believe in this album. It was interesting to see how fans of the first album would take this sudden twist in the road. Of course you can’t please everyone and that isn’t the point. We just do what feels right to us but it is rewarding when you manage to touch some other souls too.

METAL ANARCHY: One song I really dig from the album is “Reaper On Your Heels.” What would you like to say about that track?

SADONIS: This song is a bitter sweet notion about death, lyrically and mood wise kind of in the vein of what I feel when I listen to ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ and how it always felt for me to take a walk on the warm end of a summer day on my favorite cemetery in Berlin.

METAL ANARCHY: What are some of your favorite songs from the effort, and what are the inspirations behind them?

SADONIS: In our eyes there is no filler on the album. We are fond of each of the songs in their own way. However I do love ‘Reaper On Your Heels’ because it mirrors my personal relationship to death, one of the great pillars in my life. A life long morbid and romantic dance with death that I had since I was a teenager.

METAL ANARCHY: There has been a lineup change since your last album. What can you tell readers about that and how it affected the new material?

SADONIS: It was an unexpected turn in the journey of Lucifer that turned into multiple happy ends. Ha ha! And a great new beginning!

METAL ANARCHY: What can you say about your upcoming touring plans in support of the album?

SADONIS: We are touring Europe this summer and fall and are excited to play at Psycho Las Vegas in August. We will hopefully come back to the US next spring for a proper tour.


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