Ronnie James Dio’s Clothing, Gold Records, Guitar, Etc. To Be Auctioned Off

Julien’s Auctions have announced a “Property From The Estate Of Ronnie James Dio” auction, which is set to take place at The Hard Rock Café in New York on September 14-15. The auction will feature a number of items from his early days in Rainbow, things from his time with Black Sabbath, and stuff from his solo band. Among the items included are a sticker-covered wardrobe case, stage clothing, a white Charvel guitar, the Barry Jackson painting that was used as the cover for “The Last In Line”, gold sales plaques, the animatronic sphinx from the “Last in Line” tour, a dragon’s head from the “Sacred Heart”, etc. People will be able to bid on everything in person and online. More info can be found HERE. Wendy Dio commented:

“I am glad that Ronnie’s extensive collection of items will go to his fans, museums, and collectors around the world to be displayed for all to see and enjoy. These items are very special to me but I recognize the historical importance of anything to do with Ronnie and he would want his fans to be able to own, enjoy and see these items for many years to come.”


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