Scars On Broadway Share Part One Of “Dictator” Video Series

Daron Malakian (System Of A Down) And Scars On Broadway have shared the first in a series of videos on the making of their new album “Dictator.” That effort will officially be released on July 20.

In other news, Malakian was also recently interviewed by Billboard and talked a bit about not releasing any new music from System Of A Down and Scars On Broadway for years:

“It’s been tough not releasing music — and it’s not because I didn’t want to release music. I was making System my priority and holding out for something to happen there, and since that didn’t happen it just gave me more of an open door to start putting out Scars stuff and playing Scars shows, putting a new band together, everything. Not knowing and being in limbo, that’s the main reason why I waited to put these songs out. And finally putting them out now feels great.”

He went on to say it has been “…Really frustrating and a little depressing.” He continued:

“The fans are like, ‘We want new System!’ and I’m like, ‘Well, imagine what it feels like to be me and have these songs.’ (The band) just couldn’t get it together. It’s not the right time for everybody, and yeah, that’s a little frustrating but at the same time I can’t force anybody to do anything they don’t want to do. So I’m grateful to have Scars as an outlet.” He’s also well aware that the familiar frenetic and jagged arrangements of Dictator will likely feed the appetites of those patient SOAD fans.

I mean, I write 90 percent or more of the music — the music, the songs, the lyrics, the vocals — for System Of A Down. This is what I do, so if it sounds like System, that’s probably not surprising.”


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