Alexi Laiho On New Children Of Bodom Album: “It’s More Rock ‘N’ Roll”

Children Of Bodom have been in the studio recording their new album, and Alexi Laiho recently discussed the effort during an interview with Metal Hammer. He said the following about the recording process: “We’re actually doing really well — it’s been super-fast so far, so now I am just hoping that everything is going to go smoothly from here onwards.” He also added:

“We do what we always do; we’re always very well prepared when we go in, so I guess this time around we practiced a shit-ton of times, a lot more than we did with the last record, and that’s one of the reasons it’s been going so smoothly.”

As far as the musical direction, he said:

“It’s actually a lot more straightforward as far as song structures go. ‘I Worship Chaos’ was also pretty straightforward, but it’s got more of a rock ‘n’ roll vibe to it. It’s still metal and dark and shit like that, but I’d say it’s more rock ‘n’ roll.”


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