Eight Fans Got Zeal & Ardor Logos Burnt Into Their Flesh At The Band’s Live Shows

During Zeal & Ardor’s early live shows, they apparently offered fans a chance to get the band’s logo branded into their flesh, and eight people actually decided to go through with it. The group’s merch guy forged the branding iron and was the one responsible for heating it and pressing it against the skin of the willing. Mastermind Manuel Gagneux revealed the practice to The Guardian and also added that “the venues aren’t too enthused about it.” He said the following when asked about the process: “Oh, it’s a really hot iron, so it’s pretty sterile. And we disinfect right after. It’s more of an outside-the-venue deal.” He also went on to say the merch guy “might be talking it up to people” and that it’s “a lawsuit waiting to happen.” As for why it was even an option, Gagneaux offered: “The intent was that no one would ever do it. Because that’s the whole thing: you don’t want this brand. If you do, you’re just an idiot who is following, not thinking for yourself. If they want to underline my statement, that’s fine with me. But eight people is enough. If they don’t get the symbolism, let’s not encourage them.” Zeal & Ardor’s new album “Stranger Fruit” will be released on June 8.


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