Bill Ward (Ex-Black Sabbath) Working On New Day Of Errors, Finishes New Book Of “Poems And Statements”

During an interview conducted for Rhythm magazine, Bill Ward (ex-Black Sabbath) revealed that he is working on a new Day Of Errors release, and that he has also completed a new “book of poems and statements.” He said the following:

“I’ve spent five months writing; I just can’t stop writing,” he said. “I’ve been writing music and I’ve finished writing a book of poems and statements and things like that. I’m working on a release for Day Of Errors as well.”

He also talked a bit about the formation of Day Of Errors:

“I got so lonely in 2012 and I wasn’t playing drums. I thought I would just form my own band and play drums again. I think it was 2013 that we started looking for two other people and formed Day Of Errors. We did some gigs last year that went down well and we’re hoping to do more in September, October, November and December, just in the U.S. for the time being.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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