Pearl Jam “Have A Bunch Of Stuff That’s Sort Of Partly Written” For Their New Album

Pearl Jam released their single “Can’t Deny Me” back in March, and said a new studio album would follow, but now it appears they haven’t even started the recording process for the effort. During an interview with Jeff Sweatman of 106.1 The Corner, Jeff Ament was asked for an update on the album and he responded with the following:

“I wish I had an answer for you. We have a bunch of stuff that’s sort of partly written. Unfortunately, we have rehearsals coming up for Europe and the shows this summer, so it’s in a little bit of a limbo state right now. We still need to record it; we haven’t really recorded anything. But [there are] a lot of ideas.

“We’ve sort of been telling ourselves that we weren’t gonna put a ton of pressure on the situation. We really wanna make something great, and we wanna have the freedom to live with some of these ideas for a while and then maybe record them in a different way. We’re sort of exploring all sorts of different things right now. So I think it bodes well for whatever the next album is.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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