Harley Flanagan Announces “Cro-Mags Demos” & “Hard Core Dr. Know” Releases

Cro-Mags founder Harley Flanagan has announced two new releases including the “Cro-Mags Demos” and the “Hard Core Dr. Know” EP. “Hard Core Dr. Know” is available now and proceeds will go towards Bad Brains’ Dr. Know to help him out with medical expenses from his 2015 health issues. The “Cro-Mags Demos” will be available on July 6 and it will include Flanagan’s solo recordings from 1982-1983.

“Hard Core Dr. Know” EP Track Listing:

01. “Life Has No Mercy”
02. “Sometimes You’re The Hammer (Sometimes You’re The Nail)”
03. “Discipline Equals Freedom”
04. “I Love My Life”
05. “Friends Like You”
06. “It’s All Good (When It’s All Good)”

“Cro-Mag Demos” Track Listing:

01. “Don’t Tread On Me”
02. “Wake Up (Do Unto Others)”
03. “Dead End Kids”
04. “Why Don’t You”


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