Vio-Lence’s Sean Killian Undergoes Successful Liver Transplant Surgery

Vio-Lence singer Sean Killian, who was diagnosed with stage four liver cirrohsis, has undgergone a successful liver transplant surgery at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). The living donor was Sean’s brother-in-law Kevin Rivero. Both are currently recovering at UCSF in the ICU. Sean’s wife, Dana Rivero Killian commented:

Yes! It’s true! Yesterday, Sean went in for a liver transplant. The living donor is my brother, Kevin Rivero. Both are recovering at UCSF in the ICU. Sean would like you all to know he is eternally grateful for all the love and support these past couple of years and fully intends to return to the stage once he is healed and ready to bring it! (No. NOT a Vio-ence reunion, so don’t ask). I think we could all use a celebratory concert! We all have a great deal to be thankful for. There are simply too many people to mention by name. You know who you are. 🤗


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