Ministry Team Up With HeadCount To Get People To Register To Vote

Ministry have announced that they have joined forces with with HeadCount for their upcoming tour. The organization will be on hand at multiple dates to talk to fans about the importance of voting and to get them registered.

Al Jourgensen commented:

“Voting is really important. It allows every American citizen to have his voice heard, to put across your opinion on how the government should operate, it contributes to change. Ministry registered 50,000 people to vote for the 2008 election, and we want to help make a difference for this fall’s election and for 2020. So, we’ve invited HeadCount to join us on our ‘AmeriKKKant’ tour.”

HeadCount’s executive director Andy Bernstein added:

“HeadCount couldn’t be more excited to host voter registration drives at MINISTRY shows this year and beyond. Voting is the cornerstone of democracy, and it’s incredible to see Al use his platform to make a difference in our society.”

You can find out more about HeadCount and register to vote via their official site.


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