The Ocean To Release “Rhyacian” Picture Disc For The UK’s Record Store Day

The Ocean will be releasing their 2017 re-recorded version of “Rhyacian” on a picture disc as part of the UK edition of Record Store Day (April 21). It will come with the aforementioned track, along with an instrumental version. The re-recorded version of “Rhyacian” will also be available on the 10th anniversary vinyl pressing of “Precambrian“ (out on March 16).

To celebrate RECORD STORE DAY 2018, we are releasing a ltd. picture 12". This release will be available on the date of April 21st only, and in record stores around the globe only… so move your pumpkin* to your favorite STORE that has a good selection or REAL PHYSICAL VINYL RECORDS, and grab a copy! — The picture disc has the 2017 re-recorded version of the 'Precambrian' opening track 'Rhyacian' on side A, and an instrumental version of that same track on side B. — *in Kawi language, a pumpkin is a synonym for an asss. Not the animal, that part of your body that you sit on. — For more info and a full list of RSD releases, head over to: — #theoceancollective #rsd18 #rhyacian #picturedisc

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