Verlorener (Dååth, ex-Chimaira) Premiere New Song “Devil In The Room”

Emil Werstler (Dååth, ex-Chimaira) has shared a new track from his Verlorener project called “Devil In The Room.” This song is from his debut album, which will be released on April 6.

Werstler said the following about the song:

“The proclaimed idea of our current musical climate as being ‘impossible’ has led to the creation of safe music with a lack of depth in narrative. The creation of this record was inspired by my general lack of interest towards what music has become. It seems to be more about the social currency of just being involved, not creating something new.

The debut track is entitled ‘Devil In The Room‘ and is heavily influenced by the harmony of Manouche Jazz and late 80’s era Depeche Mode. It was the final song written for the record and features a cello trio over beats with a solid guitar performance through out. Although the song is unique instrumentally, ‘Devil In The Room‘ is an accurate depiction of the record’s sound as a whole.”

He also added the following about his plans for live shows:

“There will be live shows starting in April and beyond. Aside from performing the music on the record, there will be a fair amount of improvisation to keep things less conventional than a run of the mill rock show. The band I have chosen is integral to the sound and will represent the music easily as I feel they are the best in the world at what they do.”


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