D’Arcy Wretzky Releases Texts With Billy Corgan Over Smashing Pumpkins Reunion

Yesterday, D’Arcy Wretzky opened up about being cut out of the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins’ reunion, and now she has shared images of the texts between her and Billy Corgan via Alternative Nation. You can read those below.

After releasing the texts, Wretzky also followed up on Facebook:

“Those were posted as proof to the many people who said that I was lying about ever being offered the job. If one takes the time to read it carefully, one will notice that as the conversation continues, the roll [sic] I’m offered becomes ever smaller. Finally Billy says that what I deserve is a T-shirt w/my face on it. I spoke with him and asked him if there was any possible way that I’d be able to play bass on the tour and he said no.”

Fans responded by saying her and Corgan need to talk things out, to which she replied:

“Folks. I have spoken with Billy. I said to him, ‘Billy. I need you to tell me: if i crush it; if i do everything perfectly, is there any chance that i can play bass on the tour?’ Billy said ‘No.’”

She continued in another posting:

“I tried my very best to convince Billy otherwise because I never would forgive myself if I didn’t do everything I could to try to change his mind. You can see where I told him that he was throwing away something precious. He does not care.”

[via Loudwire]


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