Fozzy Premiere “Painless” Music Video

Fozzy have premiered a new video for their song “Painless,” via Loudwire. The clip serves as a sequel to the band’s previous video for the title track of their latest album “Judas.”

Chris Jericho commented:

“I had this idea of two dimensions coexisting, almost like The Shining when Jack Torrence starts to lose it. He’s in the bar and there’s ghosts, but he’s real, but he’s kind of in both dimensions, but he’s not. That’s what the ‘Judas’ idea was with the clowns and the chicks and the little person and the guy on fire — they never interact with the band. In [‘Painless’] everybody in the band is in the other dimension except for me, I’m the only sole survivor in the real world now. Not to get too esoteric — it’s a great fucking rock and roll song, too.”

He also added the following about the song’s chorus:

“‘Killing me one breath at a time’ is one of my favorite lyrics on the record. It’s based around a bad relationship and somebody’s just numbing you to the pain, almost like if you get bit by a black widow and it numbs you as it kills you,” the vocalist raves. “I just love that, like every breath I take is one closer to death when I’m with you.”


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