Red Fang To Release “Red Fang Red” Wine

Red Fang have joined forces with Teutonic Wine Company to create “Red Fang Red” wine. The beverage, which is a Pinot Noir, Tannat and Gewürztraminer blend, will be available at a special release party on January 13 at the Teutonic Wine Company in Portland, OR. The band will be present at the event, with drummer John Sherman scheduled to do a special DJ set. Sherman commented:

“Everyone thinks we’re very much about beer and our videos definitely portray us that way. We do drink beer, but I personally prefer wine and consequently, I’ve always wanted to make a Red Fang wine. To meet winemakers who also dig heavy music was a dream come true. The first time I went to Teutonic’s tasting room, they were playing Saxon on vinyl and I said to myself, ‘these are my people.’”


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