Watch Footage Of Sodom Performing With Former Guitarists At 35th Anniversary Show In Germany

Sodom were rejoined by former guitarists Josef “Grave Violator” Dominik, Frank “Blackfire” Gosdzik, and Andy Brings during a special 35th anniversary show on December 26 at Zeche in Bochum, Germany. You can see footage from that concert below:


01. In Retribution
02. In War And Pieces
03. An Eye For An Eye
04. Surfin’ Bird / The Saw Is The Law
05. Belligerence
06. Among The Weirdcong
07. The Vice Of Killing
08. Sodomy And Lust
09. Masquerade In Blood
10. Proselytism Real
11. Witching Metal
12. Rolling Thunder
13. Napalm In The Morning
14. City Of God
15. Tired And Red
16. Caligula
17. Blasphemer (with Grave Violator)
18. Burst Command ‘Til War (with Grave Violator)
19. Outbreak Of Evil (with Grave Violator)
20. Christ Passion (with Frank Blackfire)
21. Nuclear Winter (with Frank Blackfire)
22. Agent Orange (with Frank Blackfire)
23. Wachturm (with Andy Brings)
24. Sodomized (with Andy Brings)
25. Die Stumme Ursel (with Andy Brings)
26. Ausgebombt
27. Bombenhagel

[via Blabbermouth]

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