Mastodon Release New “Sultan’s Curse” Imperial Stout

Mastodon have joined forces with Mikkeller Brewing once again to create a new imperial stout called “Sultan’s Curse,” named after a track on the band’s latest album “Emperor Of Sand“. The beer was made available today (October 19) at Mikkeller Brewing in San Diego, CA.

Here’s a description of the beverage:

“A monster Imperial Stout with intense layers of dates and coffee, which sit gracefully above a complementing cardamom brightness. Toasted pistachios bring depth and texture alongside an integrated spiced and vanilla bouquet from the bourbon-barrel aging. Full-bodied and complex.”

Dark Matter Coffee dicussed their contribution:

“We were stoked to do an ode to the old world of coffee for our friends at Mikkeller and Mastodon. We sourced a Yemeni coffee with loads of fresh tobacco, vanilla, and bakers chocolate to pile on to the decadence of the stout.”

Brann Dailor also commented on the beer:

“We are beer lovers and enthusiasts so it makes us really happy to have our name on such a delicious brew and what goes together better than heavy metal and beer?”

More info is avaialble HERE.

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