Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan Bathory On Ivan Moody: “The Last Three Shows Were the Best Shows I’ve Seen Him Do for Years”

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory was recently interviewed by Loudwire, and discussed Ivan Moody’s issues with alcohol abuse, which have led to meltdowns in the past. According to Bathory, Moody has been doing better as of late, and his “last three shows were the best shows [he’s] seen him do for years.”


Bathory on Moody’s drinking:

“He’s been battling his demons for a long, long time, actually since I’ve known him. He’s always had an issue and sometimes he’s great, sometimes he’s not. It’s a battle. He doesn’t haven’t a substance issue, he’s always had a drinking issue. I started to realize that it was a real misalignment, it’s a real illness. It can’t simply be discarded like, ‘Why can’t you get yourself straight?’ It’s not that simple. So he’s battling this and he’s trying. He’s been in rehab a few times, he’s been in for a longer period of time now.”

Bathory on Moody’s current state:

“The last three shows were the best shows I’ve seen him do for years. He looked happy and he looked healthier. Obviously, the whole band is around him and everybody’s supporting him and trying to be brothers and understanding and trying to keep him straight. So cross your fingers, I think this is the time when he can do it.”

In other news, Bathory also mentioned that the band are hoping their new album will finally see the light of day eraly next year.


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