Decapitated Start Extradition Process To Spokane, WA

Decapitated have officially started the extradition process from Los Angeles, CA to Spokane, WA following a first degree kidnapping charge and a gang rape accusation. So far, Waclaw Kieltyka and Michal Lysejko have been moved, while the other two are still waiting to be transferred at a later date.

The Spokesman-Review have shared some new information on the situation as well, including a statement from attorney Steven Graham who said the following:

“We have witnesses that can testify to the fact that the accuser came to visit the band of her own free will and left on good terms. The accuser has a documented history of providing false information to the police dating back to 2014.”

A police report offered some of those witnesses’ claims, including one who said the two women were “groping” members of the band earlier that night, and that he later saw the women smoking a cigarette outside the bus, before one of them walked away, while having an angry conversation on her cell phone.

The report also said that one of women claimed to have escaped by kicking Rafal Piotrowski in the groin. After she left, she was charged with a DUI. Although, the member of the the Washington State Patrol that pulled her over said she never told the police anything about sexual assault until she was in custody. The report said “She spoke to someone on the phone and then said to him that her friend was raped by five men downtown.”

It was also revealed that the alleged gang rape victim and her mother are not happy with the way the police are handling the case.

[via The PRP]


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