Xandria On Dianne Van Giersbergen’s Exit: “We Had To Learn About Her Departure In A Way That Has Been Surprising”

Dianne Van Giersbergen recently announced her exit from Xandria, after the group revealed that they were canceling their U.S. tour and using a guest vocalist for their upcoming European shows. Now, the group have issued a new statement saying Giersbergen’s departue was a surprise to them.

Xandria’s new statement:

Dear all,

We are very sad about the situation that we and you, the people following Xandria, have to face now.

After we already had to cancel many concerts since July due to Dianne not being able to perform we had now been informed by her that she is leaving the band with immediate effect.

This happened after we published news that the upcoming concerts will be played with a temporary replacement singer. It was clear to everyone, including Dianne, that it was supposed to be a temporary solution only.

We had to learn about her departure in a way that has been surprising us very much and with a statement in which we do not recognize ourselves in.

We have been very downhearted about not being able to play these concerts, and probably would not have been able to play for an undetermined time also in the future. For that reason, we wanted to play at least the concerts in November and December with a temporary replacement singer that can celebrate the music we love so much together with you and us, instead of cancelling any more concerts.

We always have been doing our best to be there for you fans, so we tried the same in this difficult situation.

Just as we always tried to find a good way to care for all members of the band to live the passion that is music, which can sometimes be difficult for everyone. Unfortunately, it seems that Dianne´s needs and goals were drifting apart from the band´s ones.

However, we are proudly looking back at what we achieved together and we are thanking Dianne for the great times we shared and everything she did for the band. We wish her all the best for what she is heading for on her future way.

We will live the passion we have for our music together with you all on our concerts in November, December & beyond!With a heavy heart, but at the same time looking forward to the future and to see you out there sharing our music with you.

Philip, Marco, Steven & Gerit


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