Decapitated Members Arrested For Suspected Kidnapping

According to KREM2, all four members of Decapitated, Michael M. Lysejko (27), Waclaw J. Kieltyka (35), Rafal T. Piotrowski (31), and Hubert E. Wiecek (30), were arrested in Santa Ana, CA on September 8, after being suspected of first degree kidnapping of a woman who went to their August 31 show in Spokane, WA. The victim reported the incident to the Spokane Police Department on September 1, and authorities were able to track down the band by viewing their touring schedule. The case is being handled by the Special Victims Unit, and the group are set to face extradition to Spokane, WA.

The band’s defense attorney Steve Graham, who they hired on Thusday after learning of the investigation, told The Spokesman-Review that “there is another side to this,” and that there are “witnesses that can testify to the fact that the accuser came to visit band of her own free will and left on good terms.” He also added that the arrest was uncalled for, because he told authorities that he could “get the guys [back To Spokane] ASAP and [that] they would cooperate,” but they did not respond.


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