Candlemass To Release 30th Anniversary Edition Of “Nightfall”

Candlemass will be releasing a 30th anniversary edition of “Nightfall” on October 20. The three disc set will come with “previously unreleased alternate rough mixes of the album, tracks from the studio sessions, plus a rare rehearsal recording from 1987 featuring renditions of songs prior to the album being recorded.” It will also have a 16 page booklet with “text recounting the events of the period from the recent ‘Behind the Wall of Doom’ book release, as well as liner notes from founder Leif Edling recording his thoughts on ‘Nightfall’ reaching such a prestigious milestone, and the album’s influential place in metal history.”

Track Listing:

Track listing:

CD1 – “Nightfall” studio album:

01. Gothic Stone
02. The Well Of Souls
03. Codex Gigas
04. At The Gallows End
05. Samarithan
06. Marche Funebre
07. Dark Are The Veils Of Death
08. Mourners Lament
09. Bewitched
10. Black Candles

CD2 – “Nightfall” studio rough/alternate mixes:

01. Dark Are The Veils Of Death
02. At The Gallows End
03. The Well Of Souls
04. Mourners Lament
05. Samarithan
06. Codex Gigas
07. Bewitched

CD3 – Rehearsal 1987:

01. Dark Are The Veils Of Death
02. Codex Gigas
03. Dark Are The Veils Of Death
04. The Well Of Souls
05. Samarithan
06. Mourners Lament

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