Moscow Premieres “Black Widow” Music Video

Moscow has premiered a new video for her song “Black Widow,” via Loudwire. This song is from her “Queen Of Sin” EP.

Moscow said the following about the track and video, which she says is like “Britney Spears meets Rob Zombie.”:

“The concept that I wanted to bring to the table with ‘Black Widow’ was simply addressing the problem of ‘hiding’ and ‘covering’ problems instead of talking about them and trying to fix them. It is not a secret that prescribed pills and antidepressants are a huge problem, which covers just a tip of the iceberg. Whether be it political, economical or social problems, we tend to close our eyes and switch the channel to a cheap reality TV show or cheesy commercial. The point is that instead of sitting down to tell your partner, children, etc about how we actually feel, we just put the smile on and continue living our ‘perfect’ sugarcoated ‘American Dream Life.’ Even in 21st Century, we still hold ourselves back on topics that are risqué and fall out of the idea of social code of practice.”

She continued:

“The lyrics speak to me a lot too. Being a female rock band leader, I have to combine the feminine sexuality and man’s attitude, which is quite easy for me since I always described myself as one of the bad boy crew – mind you, bad boy crew. Anyhow, the romance of a rock n roll life – sleepless nights full of nameless faces, empty bottles of the side of cold hotel beds, complete incomprehension of healthy relationship of any kind and a heart forever lost on the road, is not the easiest life to handle. Despite the obvious sexual message of the video – the real orgasm of mine that we recorded over the bridge proves that – the implication shows the above mentioned undertones of rock life. ‘The hunter is a lonely one’!”

She also added the following about upcoming new music:

“We’re dropping some surprises with big names in it, and constantly working on new material to make our audience happy – daily, and most importantly, nightly. So honestly, nothing can stop this train coming your way.”


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