Airbourne Stream Previously Unreleased Song “Money”

Airbourne are streaming a previously unreleased song called “Money,” via Loudwire. The track will come with the band’s new “Diamond Cuts” box set, which will be released on September 29. That will come with the band’s first three studio albums ‘Runnin Wild’, ‘No Guts, No Glory’ and ‘Black Dog Barking’ along with the new ‘Diamond Cuts – The B-Sides’ collection, featuring “Money” and another tack called “Heavy Weight Lover”, and the ‘It’s All for Rock n’ Roll’ documentary on DVD.

The band commented:

“‘Money’ was found covered in piles of dust and reel to reel tape, it was part of the recording sessions for ‘No Guts No Glory’ and for some reason it just didn’t make the album, but hearing it again today we’re pumped to get it out there. “‘Show Me the Money’ is a double entendre and we’ll let you figure out what it’s about. It’s part of the Diamond Cuts release all on vinyl with a bunch more other B-Sides that are rare and only ever been released on special editions and never on vinyl. Along with the bonus documentary movie Its All For Rock’n’Roll. It’s a snap shot of the first three albums of the band.”


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