Jill Janus (Huntress) Says She Is Retiring From Social Media

Jill Janus (Huntress) has revealed that she will no longer be using social media. She made one final post to explain her reasoning, and you can find it below:

Dear friends, fans & foes: I will be converting my personal Facebook page into a Public Page that you can LIKE. I'll no longer have the option to add friends. This will occur very soon. In addition to the big switch, I will be retiring from all social media and will no longer be online. I have a trusted administrator to post on my behalf whilst I enjoy a real life away from the toxicity of the internet. #TEAMHUNTRESS! Fans can expect new music from Huntress and more shows from The Starbreakers and new jewelry designs from Heshette in the near future. I'll also pop over to the Huntress Fan Group occasionally to say hi to my Creatures! facebook.com/groups/huntressfanpage This change is the profound shift I've been preparing for; that I may use my time solely for the creation of new music with Huntress and a few projects yet to be announced. Those of you who are friends, hey, call me and let's hang out! JJx PS: Twenty years ago I discovered a book called The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. “…But you see, I have, let’s say, sixty years to live. Most of that time will be spent working. I’ve chosen the work I want to do. If I find no joy in it, then I’m only condemning myself to sixty years of torture. And I can find the joy only if I do my work in the best way possible to me. But the best is a matter of standards—and I set my own standards.”

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