Foo Fighters’ Episode Of “Landmarks Live In Concert” To Air In November

It has been revealed that Foo Fighters‘ episode of the PBS series “Landmarks Live In Concert” will now air on November 10. The show will feature a set that took place on July 10 at The Acropolis in Athens, Greece.


01. “Times Like These”
02. “All My Life”
03. “Learn To Fly”
04. “The Pretender”
05. “Wanted Dead Or Alive“/”Another One Bites The Dust“/”Blitzkrieg Bop”
06. “Cold Day In The Sun”
07. “La Dee Da”
08. “Walk”
09. “These Days”
10. “My Hero”
11. “We Will Rock You” (Queen cover) (feat. Harper Grohl)
12. “Dirty Water”
13. “This Is A Call”
14. “Arlandria”
15. “Rope”
16. “Arrows”
17. “Monkey Wrench”
18. “Sunday Rain”
19. “Best Of You”
20. “Run”
21. “Everlong”


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