Jeff Loomis Didn’t Write Much On The New Arch Enemy Album

It looks like Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore, etc. didn’t really get the opportunity to write too much on Arch Enemy‘s new album “Will To Power“ (out September 8). Michael Amott told Malcolm Dome the following when asked if Loomis contributed:

“No. I mean, he’s a strong songwriter, but not in the style of Arch Enemy, I feel. He’s always writing and recording with his own stuff. He has a project called Conquering Dystopia, he has his solo stuff, [and] he obviously wrote most of the Nevermore stuff. I’ve always respected him, and continue to respect him, as a guitar player—he’s amazing and an amazing human being; he fits in perfectly. [There’s] a great chemistry [between us].

But, you know, I’ve always written most of the music, so it’s difficult to… I don’t really wanna change the sound of the band too much. The band sort of started around my songwriting and my ideas, and those continue to be the most dominant ones, I guess. But, you know, who knows [what can happen] in the future?”

[via Blabbermouth]


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