Police Reveal More Details Regarding Adrenaline Mob’s Fatal Accident, Russell Allen Comments

The police have revealed more details regarding Adrenaline Mob’s fatal accident that claimed the life of bassist David Zablidowsky. The incident occurred when the band were fixing a flat tire on their RV over on the shoulder. The group’s van and trailer were pulled over as well. While working on a spare tire, a tractor-trailer truck hit the RV damaging it, the van, and trailer, before causing a fire.

Now, according to gainesville.com, these are the nine people (including Adrenaline Mob’s Russell Allen, Mike Orlando, and Jordan Cannata) who were involved:

• Robert Edwin Haines, 59 of Largo, driver of the 2014 semi, who was not injured;

• Jason McCole, 41 of Wilksbarre, Pa., driver of the RV, who was seriously injured;

• One passenger (confirmed to be Zablidowsky by family/friends) in the RV who was deceased, whose name has not been released pending family notification;

• A second passenger in the RV, Russell Allen, 38, of New Jersey, who was seriously injured;

• A third passenger, Janet Revis, 48, of Pitts Pond, Pa., who was critically injured, who was seriously injured;

• A fourth passenger, Dale Campiglia, 51 of Levittown, N.Y., who was seriously injured;

• A fifth passenger, Robert Dressler, 45 of Plaines, Pa., who was seriously injured;

• The driver of driver of a 2003 GMC Sierra, Jordan Cannata, 27 of West Babylon, N.Y., who was seriously injured; and

• The lone passenger in the GMC, 46-year-old Mike Orlando of Staten Island, N.Y., who seriously injured.

In other news, Allen has since commented:

“Yesterday I was involved in an accident that took the life of my dear friend and band mate David Z Rock and left 3 of our crew in critical condition. I’m overwhelmed with sorrow. I am so grateful for the out pouring of love we have received from around the world.

Please continue to pray for David‘s family during this difficult time. And those in critical condition. I want to personally thank Marine Lance Cpl. Patrick Dumon for his bravery in assisting me pull our Driver Jason from the wreckage and for attending to his wounds.

And for helping me to secure and attend to Jane once I was able to get her free from the fire. Without his selfless act of courage I would not have been able to get them clear of the RV before it was engulfed in flames. On behalf of my band and crew I thank you.”


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