Former Of Mice & Men Frontman Austin Carlile Gives Emotional Speech At OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute

Austin Carlile made his first public appearance since exiting Of Mice & Men to give a speech about his battle with Marfan Syndrome at the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute on June 23 in Portland, OR. You can watch that emotional talk below:

Carlile said the following: 

“I used to sing in a rock & roll group called Of Mice & Men, like the book. I have Marfan Syndrome. About eight months ago I had to quit rock music because of Marfan Syndrome.”

He added the following about getting diagnosed:

“I got home from a tour one time. I couldn’t perform anymore. I had three dural tears in my spine. My spinal fluid was leaking. I went to two or three different doctors and was turned away. I had a doctor call me a liar.”

He continued:

“It means so much coming from the only people you know that have the answers and when they don’t have the answers you know that they’re trying to find them and I think that with cooperative care and having a team of people can make all the world of difference for someone.”

Carlile has been living in Costa Rica, where he has undergone more treatment and surgery to treat cysts on his spine. He has also been flying back to the U.S. for treatment as well. The speech was held while on his way to Stanford for more tests.


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