Five Finger Death Punch Issue Statement About Disastrous Tilburg, NET Concert

Five Finger Death Punch have issued a statement about last night’s (June 12) disastrous Tilburg, NET concert, which Ivan Moody claimed was his last show with the group. You can read what the band had to say below.


Five Finger Death Punch’s statement:

“Those who have followed 5FDP from the beginning can tell you there has always been an element of danger and unpredictability in our music and in our shows. That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll. When you do over 150 shows in a year, you will inevitably have a few derailments, but the train always keeps on moving. Last night in Tilburg was one of those instances, but as they say, you aren’t a race car driver if you don’t wreck a car or two.

We can’t wait to put on amazing shows tomorrow night at Nova Rock all the way to our just announced winter tour all over Europe. See you all on the race track….bring a helmet….

Five Finger Death Punch“

As the statement said, the band will continue their current tour. They also announced another run with In Flames and Of Mice & Men earlier today.


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