Foo Fighters To Play Opening Night Of New Washington, D.C. Venue The Anthem

Foo Fighters will be playing the first show at the Anthem, a new venue located at the Wharf in Washington, D.C.. That concert will take place on October 12.

Dave Grohl told Billboard the following:

“The new place is set to become the No. 1 venue in America, I shit you not. It has the illusion of a stadium, but the intimacy of a nightclub. It’s perfect.”

Grohl said it was Seth Hurwitz, operator of the D.C.-based independent promotions company that holds the 30-year lease for the property and also owns the 9:30 Club, who got the Foo Fighters to play:

”The great thing about Seth, outside of knowing him personally for 30 years, is that he actually cares. He cares about the music. He cares about the audience. He cares about the band. And he knows what he’s doing. To see him take pride in that and remain independent is inspiring. It’s very ‘DC’ of him.”

With Grohl having grown up in the D.C. area, Hurwtiz thought the Foo Fighters would be the perfect choice to open the venue. He said the following:

“There was no Plan B. It was always just the Foos. I texted Dave some photos of the venue after we started building it and asked him, ‘Who else should open it?’ He said, ‘Nobody.’ That was the end of it.”


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